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MR Energy Savings, LLC creates energy savings solutions for commercial clients to reduce their environmental footprint, specializing in the sale of customized power plants across all forms of non-conventional energy (photovoltaic/solar, wind, etc), and built on client’s site with no up-front costs. Along with supporting sustainability, responsibility and thoughtful environmental behavior, we offer a complete and customized solution for energy savings- in cost and in consumption.
To decrease consumption, while improving the client’s experience, we conduct a brief assessment of the client site and typically upgrade lighting and air conditioning or other equipment. Additionally, we install a power plant (non-conventional renewable energy- solar photovoltaic, wind, etc) with backup battery customized to client’s needs and projected usage. This further promotes uninterrupted and more reliable electricity.
We offer our savings solutions under a 10, 15, 20, or 25 year contract of purchase (in some cases a long-term lease), where the client does not pay for services until operation of plant and energy savings are in effect. Our solutions are structured such that the cost should never exceed client’s current expenses, and every effort is made to control costs such that the customer experiences an overall reduction in respective expenses of approx 15%.